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On April 5, Eric was on time to met Gonzales at the Littleton recruiting office near Columbine. He wore a black Rammstein, black cargo pants, and tennis shoes. Following procedure, Gonzales re-screened him on the same questions to make sure his answers were consistent and there were no obvious road blocks. Eric then took the Enlistment Screening Test that measure word and math skills. Gonzales scored the 22 minute, multiple choice scan-tron test on the spot. Gonzales said an average score is 40 to 60. A score over 60 allows someone to qualify for almost any division of the corps. Eric scored 74 out of 99. Gonzales told him he did pretty good.
Eric’s top three picks (from the pile of reason why he wanting to join the Marines), were physical fitness; leadership and management skill, and the triple-header called self-reliance, self-direction and self-discipline, or “self times three”. On the battlefield, Eric was most interested in Special Forces, or infantry.
Their meeting lasted one, to one and a half hour. Gonzales noted that Eric wasn’t a book worm, but he wasn’t a jock. He just seemed down the middle, a normal person. Columbine - A true crime story

He would have made a great marine


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